• Are you having a hard time taking care of your loved one that has Dementia?
  • Do you feel stuck on how and what to do with your loved one that has Dementia?
  • Are you ready to take care of yourself and your elderly loved one?
  • Ready to be the best caregiver for your loved one?

Then this Book is for YOU!

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Dr. Michael Chua is a physical therapist practicing in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital.

His clinical interest involves pain management, geriatrics and dementia management.

He enjoys treating patients and bringing out the best in them using positive treatment approaches, his dynamic work setting in a rural area provides an opportunity to treat a wide range from geriatrics to orthopedics. He is also the Chief Inspirational Officer for TN Therapy Outsource, LLC and the author of MisUnderstanding Dementia.


Dr. Michael has been described as funny, dynamic, engaging and thought provoking speaker.
His message and encouragement resonates with his audiences seeking real transformation on how to bring out the best in your patients and in care-giving.

After listening to Dr. Michael, you will be inspired to make lasting changes that you have always wanted in your patients and in your career. You will walk away with practical tools to use in your journey in life to achieve the maximum potential you have in your patients and work.

  • Key Note Presentation on Dementia and Professional Development
  • Coaching
  • Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence in Workplace
  • Dementia Coaching and Education
  • MisUnderstanding Dementia Lecture

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Dr. Mike's Work Experience

TN Therapy Logo

TN Therapy Outsource, LLC
2017 - Present
Chief Inspiration Officer

LHC Group logo

Extendicare LHC
2016 - Present
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Rehab America
2015 - Present
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Intrepid USA

Intrepid, USA
2016 - 2017
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tennova Healthcare
2015 - 2016
Director of Physical Therapy and Wellness Center

Volunteer Community Hospital logo

Volunteer Community Hospital
2014 - 2015
Director of Physical Therapy

Signature Healthcare

Signature Healthcare
2011 - 2014
Physical Therapist

United Laboratories logo

United Laboratories
2001 - 2009
Professional Service Representative