Daily Dementia Dose: When You’re Down and Out

go out

My wife, when they go to church, she likes to dress up. There is power when you’re changing clothes because it gives them a sense of confidence. It’s the same for our loved ones with dementia. Encourage them to change clothes not only because of hygienic purposes, But also for improving their morale, and in

Daily Dementia Dose: What Strategy Works Today May Not Work Tomorrow


This is a tip for dementia caregivers. We can also apply this in life. The key is to just keep moving. Keep pushing forward. Keep learning. I just finished talking to a gentleman who is also a physical therapist. He’s starting his life here in the US and he’s learning the ins and outs of

Daily Dementia Dose: The Bigger the Challenge The Bigger the Victory

Daily Dementia Dose: The Bigger the Challenge The Bigger the Victory

I just finished working out and the heavier the weights I am lifting, the stronger my muscles are. The heavier I’m lifting, the more muscle I gain. Everytime you workout and exert effort, the more weights that you lift, the more repetition that you do, the stronger your muscles become. It’s the same thing in

Daily Dementia Dose: The only thing that is constant in this world is change

Daily Dementia Dose: The only thing that is constant in this world is change

It is more enjoyable to eat together with your family. There was a time that me and my wife were eating by ourselves. We are not used to eating by ourselves without our kids. Especially if you are caring for your loved ones. They need some sort of supervision because it’s a social thing when

Daily Dementia Dose: You cannot pour from an empty cup

You cannot pour from an empty cup

Yesterday I had a patient. He has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). They have to be given oxygen so they can breathe properly. Our lungs are just like a water cup. You cannot put in good oxygen if you do not remove the carbon dioxide. It’s the same thing with a cup. You cannot put

Daily Dementia Dose: Gait training

Gait training

We have a question in our group asking about if we have talked about gait training. With regards to physical therapy and your dementia patients, your physical therapist will do their assessment and check on the patient’s reflexes and their balance. One of the many causes of falling with dementia patients, we’ve talked about it

Daily Dementia Dose: To your Naysayers and Haters

Daily Dementia Dose To your Naysayers and Haters

There will be naysayers and haters out there. If you are taking care of a loved one right now, there will be family members who will be haters, or are upset, or mad at you, or say something bad about you. It’s because you are doing a good thing. Everytime we’re doing a good thing,

Daily Dementia Dose: Power Over Your WORDs as a Caregiver

naysayers and haters

As a caregiver, we tell stuff all the time to our loved ones. Sometimes we tell them negative things – “You forgot this again.” There’s power over what you say. There’s power over your words. If us as therapists, if we tell the patient that they are weak, that’s what they would expect. But if