ACG Interview With Tavonna Boggs

tavonna boggs

Today, we have Tavonna Boggs a Physical Therapist from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s helping OT, PT, and SLP build a wellness business as an alternative career. Watch and learn! In this podcast with Tavonna Boggs : 01:10 – Where is Tavonna located and what does she do?  01:40 – What alternative path does Tavonna offer? 02:15 –

Write a Book! Share your Story!

write a book

I just wanted to encourage and invite everyone! There’s a new free group – Healthy Books – by Jeremy Sutton. You have to check it out. If you’re a therapist, a dementia warrior, or a nurse, or somebody who is taking care of a dementia patient, then you need to write a book. You need

ACG Interview With Heather Flexer

ACG Interview with Heather Flexer

Today, we have Heather Flexer, a Physical Therapist for 18 years. She specializes in wound care. She knew that her niche is in wound care from the moment she had started working as a PT. She also does her practice through Telehealth sessions. Enjoy watching! In this podcast with Heather Flexer : 01:20 –  Heather tells

ACG Interview With Juan Michelle Martin of JMM Health Solutions

ACG Interview with Juan Martin

Today, we have Juan Michelle Martin from Barbados base in Atlanta Georgia. She’s a fitness coach and a Physical Therapist for over 12 years in orthopedics and pediatrics until she transitioned in the pelvic floor. She is also doing her practice through Telehealth sessions. Enjoy watching! In this podcast with Juan Martin : 01:30 –  Why



What’s going on Dementia Warriors! Today, we will talk about Hoarding 01:37 – Compulsive hoarding is also known as hoarding disorder, a behavioral pattern characterized by excessive acquisition of, and unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects 02:40 – What are the risks associated with hoarding? 04:25 – What are the causes of hoarding? 07:58

ACG Interview With Andy Tseng: What Is A PT Doodler?

ACG Interview With Andy Tseng

Today, we have Andy Tseng from Taiwan, he is both a PT and OT by profession from the University of St Augustine at Florida. He will share about his alternative career on PT doodling. Enjoy watching! In this podcast with Andy Tseng : 01:35 –  What is a PT Doodler? 02:40 – Does Andy have a

ACG Interview With Stephen Dunn

ACG Interview With Stephen Dunn

Today, we have Stephen Dunn a Physical Therapist from Austin, Texas, to talk about how he started his Pilates studio. Watch and learn! In this podcast with Stephen Dunn : 01:26 –  Who is Stephen and what can we learn from him? 03:07 –  What is Pilates? 07:25 – How did Stephen find his niche? 08:13

ACG Webinar With The Speakers Of The REHABpreneur Summit

ACG Webinar With The Speakers Of The REHABpreneur Summit

Today, we have 5 of the speakers of REHABpreneur Monetize Virtual Summit which is happening on June 29th and 30th. Each of them will share their experiences and expertise in their chosen alternative career. Anthony Maritato – Physical Therapist, Total Therapy Solutions Founder Bert De Vera – the owner of and REHABpreneur Scott Harmon