Daily Dementia Dose: When Faced with Criticism

Daily Dementia Dose When Faced with Criticism

Today is Labor Day. Happy Labor Day! I just finished working out and went to Walmart to buy my wife some stuff. Yesterday, our pastor, Pastor Mike, talked about facing criticism. He faced a lot of criticism in his life especially with him being a pastor. Even Jesus Christ himself faced a lot of criticism.

Daily Dementia Dose: Smart Goals

Daily Dementia Dose Smart Goals

It’s already 7 PM and I just got home. Just right now I had a lady message me about her plans in life. She’s actually a Physical Therapy Assistant and she’s also a massage therapist. She’s been having a hard time moving on forward with her life. I coach a lot of people and sometimes,

Daily Dementia Dose: Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight


I haven’t been live lately because I was so busy with our current job of at home care. Whether you are a therapist, nurse, caregiver, whether you are caring for your patients or loved ones, you will fail. Everybody fails. Your patient may fail you, you will fail yourself, you will fail your co-workers, everybody

Daily Dementia Dose : Muscle Failure – Fail Fast, Stand Up and Recover Fast

muscle failure

In the physical therapy world, we have this what you call muscle failure. Where we try to keep on moving that muscle to the point of failure. When we do the maximum repetition for that muscle, that’s how the muscle gets stronger. There’s a difference between bone pain and muscle pain. With muscle failure, muscle

Daily Dementia Dose: When You’re Down and Out

go out

My wife, when they go to church, she likes to dress up. There is power when you’re changing clothes because it gives them a sense of confidence. It’s the same for our loved ones with dementia. Encourage them to change clothes not only because of hygienic purposes, But also for improving their morale, and in

Daily Dementia Dose: What Strategy Works Today May Not Work Tomorrow


This is a tip for dementia caregivers. We can also apply this in life. The key is to just keep moving. Keep pushing forward. Keep learning. I just finished talking to a gentleman who is also a physical therapist. He’s starting his life here in the US and he’s learning the ins and outs of