How to Start Your Home Modification Business with Karen and Gregg

Back Home Safely

How to Start Your Home Modification Business with Karen and Gregg 

Do you like to be your own boss? 

Gregg and Karen share their story from being traditional therapists to becoming business owners. 

In this episode: 
03:45 – Introduction of Karen and Gregg Frank. 
09:50 – What does Karen and Gregg do? 
10:30 – What is Back Home Safely? 
11:20 – How does Back Home Safely contribute to a patient’s well-being? 
16:20 – Where is it located? 
16:40 – Green Light mobility – a franchise of Back Home Safely. 
20:05 – How did Green Light Mobility come about?  
21:00 – How do they help interested therapists start their franchise business? 
22:15 – You won’t have a salary cap – you can work and make profit out of it as much as you want. 
23:05 – Does it need a CAP certification to start a franchise? 
37:30 – Remember your 3Ps – Passion, Purpose, Profit. 
40:15 – What sets apart Back Home Safely from other home modification models? 
41:10 – What were their biggest challenge and failure and how did they turn it around? 
43:00 – It is very important to given patients their available options. – Karen 
44:55 – Set your own rules and be creative and make your own business. 
46:15 – Always remember the word FAST. 

 Please check out and (franchise outside state of NJ) 
You can email at  and call 973 946 8330 

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