Benefits Of Crying

Benefits Of Crying

What are the benefits of crying?

Last Sunday we went to church and I cried.

I cried and cried like a baby. My kids were looking at me and asking me why I was crying.

My youngest daughter was rubbing my back and kept on asking me what’s wrong.

And I said, “I’m just crying. I’m crying because of tears of joy.”

I’m being thankful for all the blessing we have right now.

There are a lot of benefits in crying. There are three types of tears/ crying.

First is what you call the reflex tears. When you have wind or something going through your eyes, and you reflexively close your eyes. And your eyes creates tears for that.

The second one is the continuous tear, wherein when you are sleeping, it just continuously lubricates your eyes.

And the third is the emotional tear. Wherein every time you are emotional, you release tears or emotion in your body.

That’s my challenge for you today.

I know it’s hard being a caregiver and sometimes we think, “No, I’m not going to cry over this.” But if you cry, your situation with God, whether it’s a happy cry, or a happy tear, or tears of sadness.

Just cry. Because you will just be releasing your hormones in your body.

You’ll be releasing lubrication in your eye, in your mind, and you’ll have a more blessed life.

Crying is just a part of a process. Make sure you cry, and after that, you will feel better.

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