Mobile Part B VS. Home Health Contracting

Bert De Vera

Mobile Part B VS. Home Health Contracting

What do you think will work for you – Mobile Medicare Part B or Home Health contracting?

Bert De Vera discuss the difference between a Mobile Medicare Part B practice vs. Home Health Contracting.

He shares what are the Pros and Cons in terms of barrier of entry, speed of execution, billing and referral source.

In this episode:
02:50 – What are the two different settings of Mobile Medicare Part B?
08:55 – Question: Can we do mobile practice with private insurance?
10:05 – How do I do a business under Mobile Medicare part B to where I have other therapists working for me?
16:55 – Mobile Medicare Part B vs. Home Health Contracting.
17:15 – Barrier for Entry.
20:45 – Speed of Execution (How fast can you execute based on those barriers?)
22:15 – Billing (How do you bill?)
25:00 – Referral Source (How do you get patients?)
30:40 – Question: What is the billable paid Mobile Part B vs. the $75-80 per visit?
33:15 – Question: Do the PTA and COTA need Medicare number to be in the Medicare part B?
34:05 – Question: Are your employees 1099?
43:50 – Question: If they have a number in existence when they’re hired (working with a company prior) do you just add them under your “umbrella” for your company?
46:39 – Question: What EMR or software do you use?
48:45 – An important tip from Bert about learning a new EMR or software.
50:50 – Question: Is the Medicare number different or the same with the NPI number?
53:05 – Why did Bert apply for Medicare Part B?
54:50 – Question: If you hire a contract PRN therapist, do they need to have a Medicare number for the agency you are contracting with?
56:00 – Question: If you see a patient under Med B, do you need to ask patient to pay the 20% for co-pay?

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