How I hire and fire staff in my Home Health Contract company- Home Health Contract Show

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: How I hire and fire staff in my Home Health Contract company

Do you want to trade time for money? Or do you want to start your own business?

Bert showcases 3 case studies and shows the figures and how he makes money.

He also talks about the hiring and firing process of his staff. 

In this episode:
06:10 – Referral case study #1 (prepare your calculators, pen and paper)
09:45 – Profit is always better than wages.
10:20 – Referral case study #2.
13:20 – This Home Health Contracting business is not only for you – it is also for your colleagues.
15:00 – Referral case study #3.
21:30 – Why should you consider Home Health Contracting?
21:55 – Bert and his team will help you position yourself in opening your own business.
24:00 – A therapist that always compares pricing – that is a nightmare.
24:45 – Work with therapists that want to work with you.
26:45 – How do you build your team?
27:40 – How does Bert hire people?
27:50 – Check their license, if there are any disciplinary actions and check references.
29:45 – Background check and drug test should be done if you are sure they are hired.
31:55 – Talk to your potential hire.
33:15 – Give a situation and assess how they would handle the situation.
34:50 – The ultimate test to hiring a person – Do I like this person?
41:55 – “You are not firing people, people fire themselves.”
42:35 – “If a person really loves their job/cares for what they are doing, they will not give you a reason to let them go.”
44:25 – Never fire someone through a text message or email.
44:55 – How does Bert fire a staff?
48:25 – How do you set up someone on W2 or W1099?
49:40 – IRS Form W-9 = 1099; W-4 = W2
51:30 – Reminder: Talk to your CPA or accounting person and keep it the same across the board. 

Call or text Bert directly at #972-649-9909

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