Home Health Contract Show: How did Armand (PTA) and Patrice (OTR) get their 1st HH Contract?

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: How did Armand (PTA) and Patrice (OTR) get their 1st HH Contract?

Do you have that itch in your heart and in your head to start a business?

Start here and start now!

In this episode:
06:10 – Armand and Patrice background story.
09:50 – How did they found out about Bert’s Home Health Contracting?
13:50 – How many years have they been PT/OT?
14:15 – Were there certain criteria that wanted to follow when they were searching for a business
20:20 – If you don’t make a profit you don’t have a business – you have a hobby.
21:50 – What was holding them back to start their own business (before knowing Bert)?
24:49 – Why will I work with Bert?
28:00 – How did Armand and Patrice get a contract in 3 weeks?
28:20 – Week 1.
30:45 – Week 2.
32:15 – Week 3.
33:25 – What are your pains that drive you to make a change in your career?
38:45 – Bert’s corridor principle.
41:00 – What will Armand and Patrice say to colleagues that are on the fence of starting their own business?
46:25 – What did home health contracting do to Bert’s life?
47:30 – How did Armand and Patrice overcome that lack of self-belief?
52:40 – Be careful who you share your dreams with. – Bert
55:50 – Those who do not want to take risk work for those who do.

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