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Ask Me Anything About Home Health Contracting Business With Bert De Vera, PT

Home Health Contracting Business

Today, we have Bert De Vera, to talk about how you can start your own home health contracting company. He is a Physical Therapist and owns an outsource therapist company in Texas, and he has 100 plus contract therapist works under him. In this podcast with Bert De Vera: 03:18 – Who is Bert and

How To Start A Home Health Contract Business With Engelbert De Vera

Engelbert De Vera

Today we have Engelbert De Vera. He owns a Therapy Outsource company and he teaches other therapists to be the best that they can be and start their own Home Health Contracting Business. In this episode: 04:00 – Bert tells us about his story 08:30 – How do you start a Home Health Contract Business?

ACG Podcast With Jaclyn Elizabeth

ACG Podcast Interview With Jaclyn Elizabeth

    Our ACG special guest today is Jaclyn Elizabeth. They sell peripheral vascular equipments. In this podcast with Jaclyn Elizabeth: 01:00 – Where is Jaclyn from? 02:00 – What are peripheral vascular equipments? 03:00 – Jaclyn tells us about her job and the qualifications. Do you have an advantage if you have a clinical