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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month


What do mental health and dementia have in common? Mental illness is a disorder of the brain. Same with dementia. In physical therapy term, we have what we call strength reserve. The more strength reserve that we have, the higher the chances of a person to recover when they injure themselves or when they have

The Value of Prayer; Happy National Prayer Day

Value of Prayer

Our word for today is prayer because today is National Prayer Day. I’m here at Dyersburg and will be attending a morning meeting with the LHC extended care group. One thing I really like about this group is that they end the meeting with a prayer. They pray for their patients, they pray for each

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight This is a Japanese proverb that I’ve heard again and again. I also saw it one time in the Bible. When you’re caregiving or taking care of loved ones, or somebody with Dementia. Most of the time, the technique that we use doesn’t work for the first time. So

Tips to Reduce Caregiver Stress Through Self-Care

reduce caregiver stress

With a growing aging population, friends and family members are increasingly being called upon to act as caregivers for older adults. Often, this role is thrust upon a person, either through circumstances or because they may feel that they are the only option for care. While most of the time these relationships begin with a