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Interview With Kim Jones Of Baptist Home Health

Kim Jones Of Baptist Home Health

In this episode with Kim Jones Of Baptist Home Health 00:30 – What locations do they cover? 01:50 – What are the qualifications so patients can receive Home Health? 03:00 – What insurances do they accept? 03:30 – How do you stick to Medicare? 04:00 – How do you contact Baptist Home Health – 731-986-3220

Interview With Amanda Bizeau and Brittany Todd Of LHC Extendicare – Paris, TN

Meet Amanda Bizeau, account executive, and Brittany Todd, RN of LHC Home Health Extendicare, who are going to help us understand home health. In this episode with Amanda Bizeau and Brittany Todd 01:10 – What does Amanda do? What is Extendicare Home Health? 02:00 – Differences in medicare plans  03:15 – How can one change

What Is A Driver Rehab Specialist? With Terri Cassidy And Kathryn Seibert

Driver Rehab Specialist Terri and Kathryn

What is a driver rehab specialist? When do you need one? How can they help your loved one who has dementia? Find out in this video/ podcast. Today we have two awesome Occupational Therapists – Terri Cassidy and Kathryn Seibert. They are both certified Driver Rehab Specialists.   In this podcast: 01:30 – Where are

Living Options for Older Adults: Cost, Companionship and Convenience

Living options for older adults

Older adults move to senior living facilities for many reasons these days. Health is obviously an important factor, but there are others at play. Older adults may be looking for companionship and a lifestyle change, especially those who have grown tired of isolation and loneliness. Some seek physical fitness programs, while others want a safer

You start with Y. O. U. R. S. E. L. F.

You start with Y. O. U. R. S. E. L. F.

How do I change my loved ones? How do I change jobs? How do I? I learned this from my wife, “You cannot change somebody else until you change yourself first.” And that’s what she did! She wanted me to quit smoking. She wanted me to be a better person. And you know what my

Interview With Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow

Today, we have a very special guest: Ms. Teepa Snow. Her alternative career is teaching and educating people about dementia. She has her own course and company travels around the world talking about her own specific niche. Teepa Snow tells about her alternative career regarding dementia in this podcast: 02:15 – Her story and reason

Tell me I Forget, Teach me I Remember, Involve me, I Understand

Tell me I Forget, Teach me I Remember, Involve me, I Understand

I attended a certification course called Certified Online Training Professional. One of the Speaker there said, “Tell me I Forget, Teach me I Remember, Involve me, I Understand” something like that. Same thing with our Dementia patient. And I just realized that, if you’re telling a patient or a person that has Dementia and you’re

Write a Book! Share your Story!

write a book

I just wanted to encourage and invite everyone! There’s a new free group – Healthy Books – by Jeremy Sutton. You have to check it out. If you’re a therapist, a dementia warrior, or a nurse, or somebody who is taking care of a dementia patient, then you need to write a book. You need



What’s going on Dementia Warriors! Today, we will talk about Hoarding 01:37 – Compulsive hoarding is also known as hoarding disorder, a behavioral pattern characterized by excessive acquisition of, and unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects 02:40 – What are the risks associated with hoarding? 04:25 – What are the causes of hoarding? 07:58



What’s going on Dementia Warriors! Today, we will talk about Depression. 01:19 – 40% of Dementia patients experience depression. Dementia and depression almost go hand and hand. 02:10 – Depression is very common among people with Alzheimer’s. 03:12 – What are the symptoms of depression? 04:50 – Depression in Alzheimer’s doesn’t always look like depression