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Daily Dementia Dose: To your Naysayers and Haters

Daily Dementia Dose To your Naysayers and Haters

There will be naysayers and haters out there. If you are taking care of a loved one right now, there will be family members who will be haters, or are upset, or mad at you, or say something bad about you. It’s because you are doing a good thing. Everytime we’re doing a good thing,

Daily Dementia Dose: Power Over Your WORDs as a Caregiver

naysayers and haters

As a caregiver, we tell stuff all the time to our loved ones. Sometimes we tell them negative things – “You forgot this again.” There’s power over what you say. There’s power over your words. If us as therapists, if we tell the patient that they are weak, that’s what they would expect. But if

Daily Dementia Dose: 7 Days without exercise makes one weak


When you’re not exercising, your body gets weak. If I don’t go out and walk, and go to the gym, my back hurts and I actually gain weight. My knee hurts and I just can’t move around very fluidly. Evidence shows that if a patient goes to the hospital for 3 to 3 days, they

Daily Dementia Dose: Gather Relevant Information

gather information

I was listening to Vicki Fitch, you have to check her page out – dementia with grace. The word “GRACE” is an acronym for all relevant information. She explains it well, that any lay people can understand it. One of the letters – G – stands for gather information. Yesterday, I went to a memory

Daily Dementia Dose: Reaching out for help

reach out for help

I just got home from exercising. Over the weekend, I interviewed a lady, her name is Erica Graham. Her mother used to be in assisted living, and now she’s taking care of her mom at home. She’s really rocking it. The reason she’s rocking it is not because her mother is good, but because she

Daily Dementia Dose: Say I love you more often

Say I love you

Today is a sad day for me and my wife. The husband of one of her good friends died. He passed away very suddenly. It’s just sad because my father just passed away several months ago. It’s still difficult if you have a death in the family. Death is inevitable. It will come. It’s just

Daily Dementia Dose: Verbal Outburst

Daily Dementia Dose Verbal Outburst

90% of patients with dementia will eventually encounter verbal outburst. Most of the time, there’s always an underlying reason. It’s not just because they are just mean and old. There’s always a reason behind that verbal outburst. One of the reasons is some medical stuff and some confusion. Most of the time, it is medical

Daily Dementia Dose: Repetition, Routine, Reminiscing

Routine and repetition

This episode is brought to you by, which is a box that you send to your loved ones and helps in reminding them that you love them. Last night, I was listening to Vicki Fitch, she has this really good book about dementia. She has this acronym – GRACE. R is for Routine. Routine

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast with Guest Eileen Corbett

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast with Guest Eileen Corbeet

  Our special guest today is Eileen Corbett. She uses her hair stylist skills to take care of her mother who has dementia. Eileen used to be the manager of a hair salon in JC Penny. Today we will have a lot to learn from Eileen Corbett. In this podcast with Eileen Corbett: 01:30 –

Daily Dementia Dose: You get what you expect

Daily Dementia Dose You get what you expect

The other day, I went to a dementia patient. According to his history, he has a really bad behavior. I expected to see the bad behavior. I was expecting that he would be always mad and irritated by everything. However, in my head, I told myself to change my mindset and change the expectation I