Tuesday Dementia Training with Christine Henderson

Christine Henderson

Tuesday Dementia Training with Christine Henderson 

How can puppet therapy help our loved ones with Dementia?

Christine Henderson talks about the efficiency of incorporating puppet therapy into a Dementia patient’s plan of care.

This also creates a reconnection among patients and their families. 

In this episode:
02:10 – Introduction of Christine Henderson.
02:30 – How does puppet therapy help seniors in their fight against Dementia?
04:50 – Christine also does interactive story telling via Zoom.
05:50 – A true story on how puppet therapy helped a Dementia resident.
09:20 – Incorporating puppets with exercises.
10:25 –The interactive story telling programs create a reconnection with patients and their family.
13:00 – Catch Christine on the FB Dementia group -- Monday tips and Wednesday story telling time. 17:30 – Useful tip when using puppet therapy – reminisce together.
21:20 – Always remember the word FAST. 

Check out Christine’s website:

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