Interview with Dr. Cristeto I. Azucena, MD, FPCP

Cristeto I. Azucena

Interview with Dr. Cristeto I. Azucena, MD, FPCP 

Do you have a childhood dream, desire, and passion that you want to pursue? 

Dr. Azucena talks about reliving his dreams and finding his passion and working on them to inspire others. 

In this episode: 
02:15 – “Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” – Serena Williams 
04:15 – Introduction of Dr. Cristeto Azucena. 
10:10 – Work on your dreams to make it possible. – Dr. Azucena 
11:05 – Dr. Azucena challenges us to look back and know what are our desires and passion. 
14:45 – We all have the capacity to evolve. 
14:55 – Discover and know yourself. 
20:21 – Does Dr. Teto incorporate music therapy to his treatments? 
29:00 – What was Dr. Teto’s biggest challenge and how did he turn it around? 
30:35 – Dr. Teto’s advise to the younger generation. 
33:45 – Always dream and believe in yourself. – Dr. Azucena 
35:00 – Leave a legacy. – Dr. Azucena 
38:25 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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