Daily Dementia Dose: Caregiving is just like a Roller Coaster Ride. Just enjoy the ride.

Dementia Roller Coaster Ride

Caregiving is just like a roller-coaster ride.

A week ago, we had a good vacation with family. We went to Disneyworld and we of course rode roller-coasters.

The destination of the roller-coasters are on the other side.

We know that we will encounter some ups and downs, and even twisting and going around.

Caregiving is just like that.

Life is like that.

Sometimes we encounter ups and downs, and we will encounter some twisting and going around, but there is only one thing that is really certain. In care-giving, it is the destination.

The key here is just learning how to enjoy the ride irregardless of whatever situation you’re going through.

I know it’s really hard taking care of a loved one, but just enjoy the ride.


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