Daily Dementia Dose: Gather Relevant Information

gather information

I was listening to Vicki Fitch, you have to check her page out – dementia with grace.

The word “GRACE” is an acronym for all relevant information.

She explains it well, that any lay people can understand it.

One of the letters – G – stands for gather information.

Yesterday, I went to a memory care unit and I had to gather information.

Before I could go in and see the patient, I had to see their history, where they are from, how old the patient is, and all the needed information about them.

So that when I went to the patient, I already knew what to expect and how to interact with him.

The patient used to be a corn farmer and I talked to him about farming.

If you are taking care of your loved ones, if you’re a nurse, or a therapist, go in and gather information.

Be like a detective. Be like Sherlock Holmes.

Gather information because the more knowledge that you have, you will get more interaction and you get to assess them more. You get to prescribe a good plan of care.

As a primary caregiver, you have to learn how to gather information for your loved ones.

You can have it lined up and if needed, you can show it to other would be caregivers for your loved one.

You can brief them on what they like, what they don’t like and many more.

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