Daily Dementia Dose: Sometimes We Just Have To Slow Down

slow down

I always make a mistake like this as a caregiver.
When I wake up in the morning, I want to do what I need to do right away, and finish my daily thing.

Go to work, and just make everything fast.

When we are caregiving for dementia patients, we are always in a hurry. We want to do everything fast.

I was listening to the 48 days podcast by Dan Miller, and he talked about slowing down and appreciating things that we have.

Normally, I would run fast, walk fast and run a little bit.

And I told myself to just stop and just enjoy the scenery and just enjoy what’s around me right now.

I realized that I haven’t noticed the trees in our neighborhood, I haven’t noticed the beautiful houses around, and I haven’t even noticed the holes on the road because I was so preoccupied by finishing what I’m supposed to do.

We always want to do it fast but sometimes, we just need to slow down, relax and just enjoy the time with your family, enjoy the time that you are taking care of them.

I know sometimes that it’s irritating, it’s not really enjoyable to clean somebody, but sometimes we just have to relax and slow down.

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