Daily Dementia Dose: Verbal Outburst

Daily Dementia Dose Verbal Outburst

90% of patients with dementia will eventually encounter verbal outburst.

Most of the time, there’s always an underlying reason.

It’s not just because they are just mean and old.

There’s always a reason behind that verbal outburst.

One of the reasons is some medical stuff and some confusion.

Most of the time, it is medical because they have some sort of infection in the body.

Maybe constipation when they are taking pain medication.

There are a lot of underlying reasons so you have to identify what the root cause is for their verbal outburst.

Identify the trigger and some of the triggers are the presence of house guests, change in the living environment, alteration of their routine, recent hospitalization, new caregivers and travel.

With dementia patients, obviously the transmission of information in their brain is confused, and the more you argue with them, the more they get mad at you.

So try to live in their world, since 2018 is no longer their world.

Their world is their old world. If you keep on insisting that this is their world now, they will just get more confused.

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