Daily Dementia Dose: When You’re Down and Out

go out

My wife, when they go to church, she likes to dress up.

There is power when you’re changing clothes because it gives them a sense of confidence.

It’s the same for our loved ones with dementia.

Encourage them to change clothes not only because of hygienic purposes, But also for improving their morale, and in improving their confidence.

If it’s a Sunday, encourage them to change clothes because they’ll be going to church.

If they can’t go out to church, you can tell them to change clothes because you’ll be watching TV.

If they have a special day in a nursing home, ask them to change clothes.

There is power over changing clothes.

It’s the same thing, when you’re down, go out and about.

Just go out and enjoy the scenery and the sun, and it will change their behavior.

A lot of people get depressed during winter time because they don’t get enough sunshine.

You can just go out in your porch and get some sunshine.

Get that sweat coming out and it will release feel-good hormones.

Just now, I walked for 30 mins on the treadmill inside the gym, but I did not feel anything.

But when I got out and got some sunshine, I felt the power in my body.

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