Daily Dementia Dose: You cannot please everyone

daily-dementia dose-you-cannot -please-everyone

The other day, I received a message about my videos, and everything, and they were complaining about it.

They were complaining about why am I doing it in my car? Why am I doing it while driving? Why do I talk about the bible in my video?

They said that I should separate my job from religion.

And I said, “I can’t separate that.”

Here’s the thing, you cannot please everyone.

It’s the same thing if you are taking care of your loved ones. You cannot please your loved one all the time. Also, you cannot please your dementia patient all the time.

However, the key here is continuing to focus on your goal. Continuing to focus on taking care of them, because once you focus on your goal, you will never get distracted.

You cannot please everyone. Even your loved ones, your dementia patient, or your boss, or your co-workers.

Just keep on focusing on your goals.

Your goal as a dementia caregiver is to take care of your loved ones, take care of them, focus on them and take care of your health. Also, take care of your health.

That’s my challenge for you today. Even Jesus Christ himself, he’s perfect but still, he was scrutinized.

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