Interview With David Bayliff

David Bayliff

Interview With David Bayliff

How can I start my own mobile cash-based practice?

How can I transition to cash-based practice?

David Bayliff shares some basic pointers that would really point you to the right direction on starting your own mobile cash-based practice.

He also answers questions about starting out your cash-based practice.

In this episode:
01:45 – 40% discount on (Code: Alternative)
02:20 – Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar (Sept 19-20,2020 10AM to 3PM CST)
03:10 – Introduction of David Bayliff.
07:55 – What led you to transition to cash-based? Why mobile concierge?
09:50 – Insurance – one of David’s biggest stress.
11:30 – David: Cash is the way to go to eliminate stress.
13:50 – Question: How do you determine how much you charge for each patient/client?
18:30 – David: Recognize your gift that you can give to people.
18:40 – People don’t pay for physical therapy?
19:30 – People don’t pay for the “tools” they pay for the transformation.
25:20 – Question: How can I find a cash-based clinic near me and how does your documentation work?33:05 – Is it easy to start your own private cash-based practice? Do I need special skills?
35:50 – David’s book – Winning Mindset for Mobile Entrepreneur Book (Success Starts Between the Ears)
37:10 – David: Believe in Yourself; Have Passion; Have Grit; Be Persistent.
41:10 – What are the top 3 lessons learned in starting your own business? What would you do differently?
41:50 – Greatest Assets for David – Communication and Creating Relationships.
43:30 – David: Success comes at a different rate for everybody and it looks differently for everybody.
45:10 – Run your own race.
50:30 – Did you have failures in life and how did you turn them around?
51:30 – David: Do not chase shiny objects.
53:55 – Focus on failures and not on the solutions.
56:45 – Be a M.E.N.T.O.R.
59:00 – Believe in yourself and go get it.
59:30 – Always remember the word F.A.S.T.

You can reach David thru:
DM David Bayliff on Facebook
Mobile PT League (Facebook Group)
Uncaged Clinician (Podcast)

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