ACG Interview With Dr. Nate

With Dr. Nate

Today, we have Dr. Nate from Clarksville Tennessee, he will talk about how to apply for work in the military service and its special benefits.

In this podcast with Dr. Nate:

01:18 – How is Dr. Nate?

01:50 – How to apply for work in the military service as a Physical Therapist?

03:45 – Do you need to be a US citizen to be hired?

04:34 – Is there an age limit?

05:25 – What are the special benefits of working for the government?

07:00 – How is the compensation compare to regular clinics?

08:15 – How do you raise your pay raise?

09:25 – What is your normal patient case low?

10:15 – How do you decide on the frequency of meeting patients?

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