What Is A Driver Rehab Specialist? With Terri Cassidy And Kathryn Seibert

Driver Rehab Specialist Terri and Kathryn

What is a driver rehab specialist? When do you need one? How can they help your loved one who has dementia? Find out in this video/ podcast.

Today we have two awesome Occupational Therapists – Terri Cassidy and Kathryn Seibert. They are both certified Driver Rehab Specialists.


In this podcast:

01:30 – Where are Terri and Kathryn located?

02:15 – How do we know if a patient can still drive or not?

04:30 – What kinds of tests do Terri and Kathryn do?

06:30 – How can you get a hold of a Driver Rehab Specialist?

09:00 – When should a person stop driving? What questions can you ask yourself to decide?

11:00 – How long is an evaluation?

13:00 – How do you talk about driving to persons with dementia?

17:00 – How do you tell your dementia patient that they can’t drive anymore?

22:00 – How much does a consultation cost?


Terri and Kathryn’s website – healthpromotionpartners.com

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