Finding Hope in Parkinson’s: Dr. Ackerman’s Journey from Son to Advocate

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In today's episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. George Ackerman, PhD, JD, MBA, MS, a passionate advocate for Alzheimer's awareness and cure. We discussed his personal experience with his mother's battle with Alzheimer's and how it inspired him to start TogetherForSharon.com, a website dedicated to raising awareness about Parkinson's disease.

We emphasized the need for support and education for caregivers, as well as the urgency of finding a cure for Parkinson's, which can eventually lead to dementia.

0:00:21 Introducing Dr. George Ackerman and his experience with Alzheimer's
0:02:26 Personal journey as a caregiver for his mother with Parkinson's
0:08:13 Declining Health and Loneliness of Being a Caregiver
0:10:37 Parkinson's and its Connection to Dementia
0:16:24 Challenging Experience in Hospice Program
0:19:11 Delusions and Hallucinations in Parkinson's Disease
0:24:58 Inspiring Others through Sharing Interviews and Donations
0:27:04 Reaching Out to Famous Figures for Support and Awareness
0:33:15 Finding solace in Sandals Resort amidst challenging circumstances
0:35:49 The power of music and memories in caregiving
0:37:55 Encouraging others to document memories with loved ones
0:40:13 Never stopping the fight for a cure, sending support to all

During the conversation, we delved into the unique symptoms of Parkinson's, such as dystonia, fibromyalgia, and internal tremors. Dr. George shared his belief that pesticides may play a role in the development of Parkinson's, although more research is needed. We highlighted the importance of exercise and diet in managing the disease and encouraged individuals to consult with their medical providers.

I also opened up about my own personal experience with losing my parents and expressed the need for more awareness and funding for Alzheimer's. Dr. George and I both emphasized the importance of raising awareness and supporting efforts to find a cure for these devastating diseases.

We concluded the conversation with Dr. George discussing his dedication to ending Parkinson's and how he hopes his children will continue his work in the future. I praised Dr. George for being a role model for his children by taking care of his mother and emphasized the importance of forgiveness and emotional support in caregiving.

Overall, the interview shed light on the challenges of caregiving, the importance of education and awareness, and the need for continued efforts to find a cure for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

We also discussed the significance of creating and preserving memories of our loved ones while they are still with us. I urged our listeners to seize the opportunity to ask their parents important questions and record their responses.

I shared a game called Table Topics for grandparents and grandkids as a tool to facilitate these conversations and emphasized the role of music and therapy in the formation of memories. I issued a challenge to our audience to record question and answer sessions with their loved ones before it becomes too late, as these recordings hold immense value and can be cherished memories in the future.

At our clinic, we offer a service where we record videos for our patients and send them to their families, recognizing the importance of preserving these memories.

I expressed gratitude towards our audience and assured them that we are all in this battle together, advocating for better treatments and ultimately finding a cure for Parkinson's disease, dementia, and Alzheimer's.

I reminded our viewers that they are not alone on their journey and urged them to surround themselves with supportive individuals who bring out the best in them. I encouraged taking action, igniting passion and purpose, and teaching others what they learn, as teaching deepens understanding and memory.

I concluded by thanking Dr. George for sharing his story and insights and left our audience with George's words of wisdom: never feel alone, keep fighting, stay active, seek help, and most importantly, keep smiling. We are here for our listeners, fighting alongside them, and will persist until a cure is found.

Learn about the website launched by Dr. Ackerman to unite the Parkinson's community and offer support. Be part of the movement; visit togetherforsharon.com for interviews, donations, and more.

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