God Is Always Working In The Background

God Is Always Working In The Background

The other day, I saw a patient. It’s an early onset Alzheimer’s and she’s 50 something year old. She’s actually on the end stage already.

She can’t follow directions. She’s on the end stage.

I told her husband that I can’t do anything with her with regards to physical therapy. That I’m not going to be able to do therapy with her. I can’t do anything.

You know what the husband told me?

He said, “Thank you very much Michael. I know we can’t do anything right now, but one thing I know that is for sure is that God is working behind the scene.”

I was actually encouraged by what he said.

I just wanted to share to you that whatever you’re going through, whatever stage your loved one is, whatever situation you are in.

I just want to tell you like what he told me, that God is working behind the scenes. You just hang in there, look on the good side.

That is my dementia tip for you today. God bless you!

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