How A Health Engineer Helps Thousands Of Clients Recover Faster From Their Injuries

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How A Health Engineer Helps Thousands Of Clients Recover Faster From Their Injuries

Have you heard about electrotherapy?

Garrett Salpeter (The Health Engineer) shares to us the benefits of electrotherapy – how it helps our body with rehab and fitness.

And most importantly how we can incorporate it in our practice, as an alternative career, side hustle and a way to scale our practice.

In this episode:
03:40 – Introduction of Garrett Salpeter a.k.a. “The Health Engineer”
06:30 – What is NeuFit?
10:30 – What made Garrett decide to be an advocate and practitioner of electrotherapy (neurologically-based) approach to wellness?
16:20 – Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Nervous System.
18:10 – NeuFit triggers the Parasympathetic Nervous System.
24:40 – How can NeuFit be incorporated in the health care practice?
26:15 – Patients come back when they experience immediate benefit. – G. Salpeter
26:00 – How can NeuFit become a side-hustle?
27:00 – Neufit can become a profitable side-hustle and a way to scale your practice.
27:05 – Neufit can give you an edge to differentiate yourself and stand out in your community.
30:15 – Follow the M.E.N.T.O.R method. – Dr. Mike
36:45 – What was Garrett’s biggest failure and how did he turn it to his favor?
38:00 – Garrett’s mindset – failure is an opportunity to learn.
47:30 – Respect and admire the healing power of the human body. – G. Salpeter
49:05 – Always remember the word – F.A.S.T.

You can reach Garrett Salpeter and know more about NeuFit through www.neu.fit
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/neufitrfp/

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Dr Michael Chua PT, DPT

Dr Michael Chua is a physical therapist practising in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital. His clinical interest involves pain management, geriatrics and dementia management. He enjoys treating patients and bringing out the best in them using positive treatment approaches, his dynamic work setting in a rural area provides an opportunity to treat a wide range from geriatrics to orthopaedics.

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