Happy Holidays from the Chua family!


Happy Holidays from the Chua family!

First of all, Happy, Happy Holidays! Today is Sunday, December the 22nd. It's around 4:45 Central Standard Time. I would like to greet everybody a Happy, Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas to everyone of you! But before I let you go, I wanted to talk about the acronym of the Holiday, what is the holiday? We will break it down.

Letter H, it says Happiness is a choice. You got to learn how to choose, you got to learn how to be happy. And this is what my wife's been telling me, because sometimes I come home I'm really tired and everything and when I get home, I'm just tired. And then she would always tell me "Hey dad, happiness is a choice." So, you got to learn how to choose happiness because today or this holiday season is the time. The time to be festive, the time to be happy.

Next Letter O, have an Open mind. It's a new year. It's a decade, it's about to be finished. And it's a new year, it's going to be 2020, you have to have an open mind to get new opportunities, new challenges in life.

Next letter L. You got to learn how to Love, Live, and Learn.

Next letter I. You got to learn how to Improve. Improve yourself. Improve your impact, you're influencing your community, influencing your area, influencing your job, influencing whatever you're doing. Because if you are the same person last month, guess what? It's the same. You can learn how to improve and how to develop your new skills.

Next letter D, you got to learn how to Develop. Develop new habits. If you are doing the same thing again and again, guess what it's called insanity. If you want to develop new successes in life, you got to learn how to develop new habits.

Next letter A, you got to learn how to take ACTION, all the things that we're doing if you're not taking action, guess what, you're not going to improve.

Last but not the least, letter Y. Only YOU can make this happen. Only you can make this better for you. 

That's my special acronym for you today. Alternative Careers Group, Facebook, friends and everybody out there. Again, Happy, Happy holidays! From my family to yours. And I wish you all the best.

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