How to be a Facilitator / Corporate Trainer with Coach Marianne Renner

How to be a Facilitator / Corporate Trainer

How to be a Facilitator / Corporate Trainer with Coach Marianne Renner 

Do you have the passion to bring out the best in people? 

This might be an alternative career for you. 

In this episode: 
02:00 – QOTD “It’s not always what you know, or who you know, but who knows you!” 
04:10 – Introduction of Coach Marianne. 
07:55 – What does Coach Marianne do? 
09:10 – How does one become a Corporate Trainer? 
09:50 – Coach Marianne shares how she started her career journey. 
12:40 – What is facilitation? 
13:55 – “Aha!” Moments. 
16:15 – What are the qualities of a Facilitator? 
19:30 – Coach Marianne’s Facilitator Certification Program. 
23:20 – Different niches that you can tap. 
27:00 – Changing your mindset is very crucial. 
28:25 – How to find clients after being certified. 
28:55 – Get a notebook and start writings things that bring you joy. – Coach Marianne 
29:30 – Start with your sense of purpose, meaning, and enthusiasm. 
30:20 – Go back to your four Ps. – Dr. Mike 
31:50 – Earn as much as $10k for a 2-day engagement. 
32:05 – Value is always defined by the customer. – Coach Marianne 
36:20 – You have a unique purpose in this world – discover and pursue that purpose. 
39:35 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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