How to Start Your Cryotherapy Business with Jay Houston

How to Start Your Cryotherapy Business

How to Start Your Cryotherapy Business with Jay Houston

You want to know more about Cryotherapy? 

Jay Houston, COO of Cryonext, talks about the products and services that they offer and how you can start your own alternative career and side hustle with their products. 

In this episode: 
01:30 – QOTD “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah 
02:35 – Introduction of Jay Houston (COO CryoNext) 
04:55 – Jay talks about CryoNext and what he does. 
06:15 – What is a float tank? 
07:50 – Where is CryoNext located? 
08:50 – What is included in the VIP demo? 
09:50 – Jay shares the different products and services offered by CryoNext. 
11:30 – What is a Kaasen (A Business in a Box)? 
15:30 – Slimming party as a side gig. 
23:10 – More about float tanks and zero body bed. 
26:00 – Video presentation on float tanks and zero body bed and its benefits. 
36:55 – What is a whole body cryo chamber and its benefits? And his advice for small clinics. 
40:11 – Where can you buy the equipment? 
42:20 – What was his biggest challenge with the current situation and how did her turn it around? 
43:50 – It is fairly important to hire the right people for your team. 
44:00 – The M.E.N.T.O.R method. 
47:50 – Always remember the word FAST. 

You can reach Jay via email 

Check out their website for services and products they offer as well as the pricing for their packages. 

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