How to Start Your Podcast with Jimmy McKay

How to Start Your Podcast

How to Start Your Podcast with Jimmy McKay 

Jimmy’s 15-year career as a Rock DJ combined with being a PT came about his podcast, PTPintcast. 

His driving force for his successful podcast is having the passion and the information. 

In this episode: 
03:05 – QOTD “You are the designer of your destiny. Write your story. The PEN has always been your hand.” 
04:40 – Introduction of Jimmy McKay. 
07:20 – Who is Jimmy McKay and what does he do? 
11:20 – How a 15-minute conversation with a presenter turned out to be a life changing event for Jimmy. 
16:00 – He did not step out of his comfort zone but he learned a lot. How did he do it? 
17:25 – Two goals for his podcast – have fun and learn something. 
21:30 – How does one start and find his/her niche in podcast? 
22:05 – Do you want to share information in spoken words and you have something to say and an audience that will listen to it – go start a podcast. 
23:45 – If you have the passion and the information, people will find you. 
29:40 – What are the basic equipment for starting a podcast? 
34:10 – How and where do you upload your podcast? 
41:00 – Find your passion, information and your niche. 
42:00 – How does SEO help with the sponsorship? 
45:55 – How many downloads or listens to get a sponsorship? 
50:45 – Who do you reach out to for sponsorships? 
56:15 – Always remember the word F.A.S.T. 

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