How to Write Your Perfect Resume with Joanie Johnson, OTR/L, MPA-HA

How to Write Your Perfect Resume

How to Write Your Perfect Resume with Joanie Johnson, OTR/L, MPA-HA 

Are going to apply for a new position or a new job? 

It is time to update your resume. 

Joanie shares tips on how to create or update your resume that will increase your chances of getting hired. 

Bonus: Tips on how to prepare for an interview. 

In this episode: 
02:25 – QOTD “Having a positive impact on people is more valuable than trying to impress them.”  
04:50 – Introduction of Joanie Johnson. 
06:25 – What does Joan do? 
07:05 – Where is she from and her qualifications? 
09:20 – How do we tailor our resume with our target position in mind? Decrease the chance of rejection? 
11:40 – It is very important to be strategic – show your relevant skills and experiences on your resume. 
12:15 – How long does it take for a hiring manager/talent acquisition to check on your resume? 
12:55 – What is an Application Tracking System (ATS)? 
16:40 – Print off the description and highlight the keywords and phrases and what they are looking for. 
17:25 – Be specific and give example on your resume. 
19:25 – What are CAR (Challenge, Action and Results) statements? 
21:05 – What is the difference between a Resume and Curriculum Vitae? 
22:35 – Optimize your LinkedIn – it is a great way to make connections. 
27:15 – Do we really need a cover letter? Is it important? 
36:30 – How can we project confidence during interviews? 
37:00 – Confidence starts with your resume. 
38:40 – A lot of clinicians don’t give themselves enough credit. 
41:20 – Joan talks about Behavioral Interview Coaching. 
42:45 – Tips on how to overcome nervousness before an interview. 
45:50 – What are the biggest challenges that therapists are facing and how can they turn it around? 
49:40 – There are still a lot of job opportunities out there and a lot of doors can still be opened. – Joan 
50:25 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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