How to Build An Online Course From Scratch Javier Carlin, DPT, CSCS

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How to Build An Online Course From Scratch Javier Carlin, DPT, CSCS 

What is your X-Factor? What are you doing to leverage your practice?

Attract, Nurture, Convert – in that order.

Javier shares 7 Ways to Leverage a FREE course.

P.S. You are about to get a FREE-5 Day workshop (valued at 5K+ USD)

In this episode:
04:55 – Introduction of Javier Carlin and his business journey.
16:00 – How to create ONE piece of content that attracts, nurtures and converts lead into customers on autopilot.
19:40 – 7 ways to leverage a FREE course.
20:20 – #1 Give Value.
23:00 – #2 Educate.
29:15 – #3 Inbound Conversations.
31:20 – Get the people to finish the course. – Dr. Mike
36:05 – Open your mind to other opportunities. – Dr. Mike
37:00 – #4 Testimonials.
38:10 – #5 Grow your following.
38:35 – #6 Affiliate sales.
40:20 – #7 Generate leads.
41:40 – Get traffic to your FREE course.
43:40 – Would you like to build this for yourself?
44:20 – Javier is going to give a FREE 5-Day workshop (valued at 5K+ USD)
45:35 – Learn to take action. – Dr. Mike
48:35 – Dr. Mike has an urgent request to his fellow therapist – share your knowledge to the
50:10 – What you will get with the FREE 5-Day Workshop (with a lot of bonuses)
54:50 – Focus on what you want to do and give it all that you got. Take action and do it now – Javier
56:10 – Find your passion. – Dr. Mike
58:20 – Stop analyzing and start taking action. – Dr. Mike
59:00 – Always remember the word FAST.


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Dr Michael Chua PT, DPT

Dr Michael Chua is a physical therapist practising in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital. His clinical interest involves pain management, geriatrics and dementia management. He enjoys treating patients and bringing out the best in them using positive treatment approaches, his dynamic work setting in a rural area provides an opportunity to treat a wide range from geriatrics to orthopaedics.

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