How to Build An Online Course From Scratch Javier Carlin, DPT, CSCS

Javier Carlin

How to Build An Online Course From Scratch Javier Carlin, DPT, CSCS 

What is your X-Factor? What are you doing to leverage your practice?

Attract, Nurture, Convert – in that order.

Javier shares 7 Ways to Leverage a FREE course.

P.S. You are about to get a FREE-5 Day workshop (valued at 5K+ USD)

In this episode:
04:55 – Introduction of Javier Carlin and his business journey.
16:00 – How to create ONE piece of content that attracts, nurtures and converts lead into customers on autopilot.
19:40 – 7 ways to leverage a FREE course.
20:20 – #1 Give Value.
23:00 – #2 Educate.
29:15 – #3 Inbound Conversations.
31:20 – Get the people to finish the course. – Dr. Mike
36:05 – Open your mind to other opportunities. – Dr. Mike
37:00 – #4 Testimonials.
38:10 – #5 Grow your following.
38:35 – #6 Affiliate sales.
40:20 – #7 Generate leads.
41:40 – Get traffic to your FREE course.
43:40 – Would you like to build this for yourself?
44:20 – Javier is going to give a FREE 5-Day workshop (valued at 5K+ USD)
45:35 – Learn to take action. – Dr. Mike
48:35 – Dr. Mike has an urgent request to his fellow therapist – share your knowledge to the
50:10 – What you will get with the FREE 5-Day Workshop (with a lot of bonuses)
54:50 – Focus on what you want to do and give it all that you got. Take action and do it now – Javier
56:10 – Find your passion. – Dr. Mike
58:20 – Stop analyzing and start taking action. – Dr. Mike
59:00 – Always remember the word FAST.

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