How to be a NEXT Level OT with Kara Welke

Kara Welke

How to be a NEXT Level OT with Kara Welke 

Are you still having hesitations of starting your own business/practice? 

Dr. Kara Welke shares her success story of building her own business and practice and finding satisfaction in helping her clients by going the extra mile for them. 

In this episode: 
07:00 – Introduction of Kara Welke. 
09:35 – How the Next Level OT FB group came about? 
12:35 – Your network equals your net worth. 
13:45 – Kara shares how she helped a client with Parkinson’s do their bathroom remodel.   
14:45 – More therapists are need to help and be advocates to older adults. 
19:00 – Kara tackles about the different funding sources that can be tapped. 
25:20 – Amaze your customers with the services that you provide. 
37:25 – Kara shares her biggest challenge and failure and how she turned it around. 
38:50 – Learn to say “No.” – Dr. Welke 
39:15 – Find out who you can really serve and don’t compare yourself with others. 
40:05 – Don’t wait too long. Start your business now. 
40:45 – Learn the value of investing in yourself. – Dr. Welke 
43:30 – Stop the Shiny Object Syndrome. – Dr. Welke 
43:50 – Learn how to FOCUS. – Dr. Mike 
45:40 – Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success. 
48:50 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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