LEFT Webinar With Dr. Rod Rodriguez

Rod Rodriguez

This webinar is for our League Of Extraordinary Filipino Therapists. We call it LEFT because we think right!

Our goal is here is to encourage and bring out the best in our Filipino Therapists to be extraordinary therapists.

Today we have an extraordinary therapist – Dr. Rod Rodriguez.

He is a Doctor Of Physical Therapy, a Certified Wound Care Specialist, and he’s actually the President Of In-Home Therapy Services Of America. He’s a co-speaker in a Rehab Summit last year and he’s an awesome guy and a very good Christian person.

In this podcast with Dr. Rod Rodriguez:

01:50 – When did Dr. Rod graduate from the Philippines?

04:00 – Dr. Rod talks about how he started in the US and the usual Physical Therapist journey there

06:00 – What does it mean to reinvent yourself? How do you do it?

07:00 – Why is it important to take action?

08:00 – Dr. Rod tells a story about his experience in going to the US

11:00 – The importance of the certifications

15:00 – What you need to know when you are a new PT graduate

Know more about Dr. Rod Rodriguez at https://denverphysicaltherapyathome.com/.

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