Tuesday Dementia Training with Dr. Lorena Hawkins, OTR

Lorena Hawkins

Tuesday Dementia Training with Dr. Lorena Hawkins, OTR

How to be an advocate for your loved ones with Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Lorena Hawkins, OTR, author of Advocating for Seniors, shares some tips on how to become an advocate for our loved ones. And tells us her personal experience which inspired her to write the book.

In this episode:
00:40 – Introduction of Dr. Lorena Hawkins.
02:50 – OTs are strong advocates.
04:00 – What inspired her to write her book, Advocating for Seniors Hospital?
06:30 – US Medicare/Insurance admission system.
09:05 – You need to advocate for your loved one’s health.
12:00 – Medically stable vs Functional patient.
13:00 – We need to learn to negotiate for our loved ones with the healthcare system.
13:00 – Dr. Hawkins shares her personal experience with the system.
15:20 – “I dispute the discharge.”
18:15 – What does CMS mean?
19:00 – How to order Dr. Hawkins book, Advocating for Seniors.
27:10 – A reminder from Dr. Hawkins – learn how to negotiate, increase your negotiating skills.
28:00 – Always remember the word, FAST.

You can reach Dr. Lorena Hawkins:

Website www.advocatingforseniors.org
email lorena@lorenahawkins.com
FB group Advocating for Seniors

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