Quick Q and A with Melissa Strout, OTR

Melissa Strout

Quick Q and A with Melissa Strout, OTR

Does our behavior affect our loved ones or patients with Dementia?

Melissa Strout, author of Dementia Behavior Journal, talks about a patient’s or loved one’s behavior with Dementia and how our behavior affects them.

In this episode:
01:45 – Introduction of Melissa Strout.
03:20 – What are the common causes of behaviors with Dementia patients?
04:40 – Our behavior is the one that affects Dementia patients most of the time.
07:25 – What is caregiver burnout/stress?
08:20 – Melissa talks about her book, Dementia Behavior Journal.
12:50 – It is important to document what behaviors causes negative and positive reaction of our loved ones or patients with Dementia.
14:30 – Make sure that you make a journal of the behavior on the instance that it happened so you would not forget the intensity of the action.
16:55 – Always remember the word FAST.

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