Creating a Nutrition based Therapy Practice With Mike Lim

Mike Lim

Creating a Nutrition based Therapy Practice With Mike Lim

Having a hard time eating healthy?

Do you want to incorporate nutrition into your practice?

Mike Lim shares how he turned into a nutritionist, alongside being a PT. Scale your business, add nutrition in plan of care, and give value to being healthy. 

In this episode:
02:05 – “Sometimes beautiful things emerge from the most unlikely places.”
04:40 – Introduction of Mike Lim and his alternative career.
13:40 – Don’t just look for customers, create relationships. – M.Lim
19:05 – What inspired Mike to shift from being a PT to becoming a nutritionist?
20:05 – How does our diet look nowadays?
25:20 – Why do we get sick easily?
29:15 – Find out how your nervous system reacts when it is on the fight-and-flight response.
30:25 – FACT: Majority of our population is still going for fast food.
37:00 – Nutrition is like Math.
39:30 – Mike shares his 5 Key principles in health.
49:50 – Be more diverse when you eat.
50:50 – Scale your business and add nutrition to it.
56:55 – Give value and you can save lives and be healthy at the same time.
59:40 – Mike will help you open a nutrition business for only $49.
1:01:50 – Always remember the word FAST. 

You can call or text Mike Lim at #224-623-1599

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