Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast With Ralph Lake

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast Ralph Lake


The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast Ralph Lake

Ralph Lake is our special guest today. He is from Indiana.

He has family members who have dementia.

His sister is in a nursing home, and his mother had dementia too.

Right now he is a supervisor for a direct support care company.

In this podcast:

01:00 – Ralph tells us about his life so far

02:00 – Ralph tells us about Walk to End Alzheimer’s

04:00 – Ralph tells us about how he ended up being the caregiver for his sister

05:00 – How did Ralph decide to take his relatives into a nursing home?

09:00 – Ralph talks about observing the staff in the nursing home

10:00 – What is Ralph’s major struggle?

12:00 – Why does Ralph think caregivers experience burnout?

16:00 – Mike and Ralph talk about taking care of yourself first

17:00 – What is the one thing that Ralph wished he knew before everything happened

19:00 – What advice does Ralph want to give to other caregivers?

22:00 – Mike and Ralph talk about rest and self-care

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