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MisUnderstanding Dementia

Dementia is not a disease in itself. Rather, it is a broad name referring to a long-term and gradual deterioration of a person’s mental ability.

The condition can be severe enough to obstruct the sufferer’s daily life.

Dementia occurs when the brain cells stop working as they should, affecting the person’s ability to think, remember, and communicate. Its usual symptoms include the difficulty of reasoning and thinking, gradual memory loss, and deteriorating communication skills.

The most common type of dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s, which accounts for 60 - 80% of the cases.

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How to Choose Your Retirement Home

How to Prevent Falls in Your Senior Years at Home

How to Prevent Falls in Your Senior Years at Home

Time To Fly

Time To Fly

Soar with the Eagles All Year

Authored by nearly 100 members of the 48 Days Eagles Community, Time to Fly is designed to help kick start each day of the year on a positive and thoughtful note. Read one page each morning and see what happens to your day:

  • Learn.
  • Be inspired.
  • Grow your faith.
  • Gain a new perspective.
  • Foster a success mindset.
  • Develop greater gratitude.
  • Set bigger, more focused goals.
  • Take more risks and have more adventures.
  • Expand your career and business opportunities.
  • Begin a year of personal growth, starting today.

Start reading. Start soaring.

Dr. Mike Chua is a co-author.

365 dementia tips

365 Daily Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Are you a caregiver for someone with dementia?

Then this is for you!

Get one tip per day about caring for your dementia patient and also caring for yourself.

Caregivers Freedom Journal

Caregiver Freedom Journal

Taking care of yourself while taking care of your loved ones.