Virtual Assistant Basics With My VA Natasha Rivera

Natasha Rivera

Today we have my VA, Natasha Rivera to talk about being a Virtual Assistant. A career as a Virtual Assistant is great for people who want to work from home and you don’t need a lot to start.

In this podcast with Natasha Rivera:

01:10 – Tasha’s reasons and motivations in starting the Virtual Assistant (VA) thing

05:05 – Qualifications to become a Virtual Assistant

07:00 – Do you need a degree or special talent to be a Virtual Assistant?

08:50 – Putting Tasha on board in the Physical Therapy group while working at home

11:35 – Where does Tasha look for her clients?

13:25 – How Tasha introduces herself to potential clients in online groups

15:05 – Charging clients

18:15 – What is a Virtual Assistant?

20:10 – Tasha’s first job as a Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager

24:10 – Common tasks of a Virtual Assistant

26:55 – A free tool Tasha always uses for her clients and how to use it

30:00 – Electronic gadgets and specifications needed to work as a Virtual Assistant

34:45 – How does Tasha manage her clients?

35:45 – Online contest for free course/lesson through her Facebook page 

37:45 – Tasha’s tutorials for aspiring Virtual Assistants

40:00 – Tips for Virtual Assistants in starting their own practice

41:30 – Rates for the Virtual Assistant courses offered by Tasha

45:40 – Contents of Tasha’s WFHBA Techie VA Course 2019 Basic

47:40 – Details of Tasha’s WFHBA Techie VA Course 2019 Gold

Work From Home Be Awesome (WFHBA) website:

Tasha’s Facebook Page:

Contest URL:

Tasha’s Email Address:

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