Using the NewGait to Improve Walking Performance In Spinal Cord and Other Injuries

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Using the NewGait to Improve Walking Performance In Spinal Cord and Other Injuries 

Are you a therapist who has been looking for a cost-efficient and an effective addition to your plan of treatment for your patients?

No need to look further. Newgait has got you and your patients covered. 

This episode talks about how NewGait impacted, improved and transformed patient’s lives.

In this episode:
03:35 – Jordan and Benga talk about NewGait and how it came about.
05:45 – Introduction of Stephanie, Martin, Cathy and Kim.
06:55 – How has NewGait impacted Martin’s daughter’s life?
09:40 – How is the NewGait better than AFO?
17:20 – A video presentation of a patient with Multiple Sclerosis using NewGait.
22:50 – Stephanie, PT, shares what grabbed her attention with NewGait.
32:00 – Cathy, MSPT, shares how NewGait helped with pain management of her patients.
35:55 – Patient’s feedback and response to NewGait – incredible!
47:10 – Try the NewGait for 30 days – FREE!
52:00 – What is another reason to try NewGait as part of the therapy – cost-efficient. 

You try the NewGait for free for 30 days here

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About the author 

Dr Michael Chua PT, DPT

Dr Michael Chua is a physical therapist practising in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital. His clinical interest involves pain management, geriatrics and dementia management. He enjoys treating patients and bringing out the best in them using positive treatment approaches, his dynamic work setting in a rural area provides an opportunity to treat a wide range from geriatrics to orthopaedics.

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