How to start your own Pilates Practice With Stephen Dunn

Pilates Practice With Stephen Dunn

If you need guidance to start your own Pilates Practice. Stephen is da man!

Interested to get started with Pilates Practice?

Stephen Dunn, Core Therapy and Pilates, talks about how he discovered Pilates, got certified and his humble beginnings with putting up his Pilates business and studio.

In this episode:
00:55 – Introduction of Stephen Dunn?
04:30 – Stephen shares his first work experience and business.
09:40 – How did he start practicing Pilates and building his own studio?
15:45 – (Dr. Mike) Use your work detour to build your success story.
16:25 – Remember your 4 Ps.
17:15 – What is a Pilates reformer? How much is the investment to be a Pilates instructor?
20:40 – Pilates certification and cost.
23:30 – Pilates hourly charge.
26:00 – What is the style of training Stephen has with his clinic?
31:00 – Losing Stephen’s job lead him to this practice and business.
31:50 – Do the hard thing now and it will be easy tomorrow.
35:30 – What does Stephen teach with his course?
41:00 – Best advise from Stephen.
43:00 – Always remember – FAST.
45:10 – A great success story from Stephen.

For more information about Core Therapy and Pilates:
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