MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast
MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast
Are you having a hard time taking care of your loved one that has Dementia? Do you feel stuck on how and what to do with your loved one that has Dementia? Are you ready to take care of yourself and your elderly loved one? Ready to be the best caregiver for your loved one? Then this podcast is for YOU!
Interview with Dr. Susan Lowry, MD, a Family Medicine Specialist in Martin Medical Center
by Michael Chua

Interview with Dr. Susan Lowry of Martin Medical

In this interview with Dr. Lowry, you will learn about the different types of Dementia and the common issues she sees in our community.

Dr. Lowry gives highly recommended and practical tips on caring for patients with Dementia.

You can visit their website https://www.martinmedicalctr.com/ or schedule an appointment, call 731-587-9511

In this episode of Misunderstanding Dementia show:

01:00 – Introduction of Dr. Susan Lowry

02:00 – Everyone gets a little forgetful is one of the first things we look for Dementia.

02:45 – Incontinence is another stage in Dementia.

03:00 – Several mini-mental status tests are done.

03:20 – Number one indication of dementia is someone drives and gets lost.

03:45 – ADLs are affected,

04:00 – Dementia runs in families.

04:20 – Donepezil (Aricept) delays the progression of regression but doesn’t stop it. Dementia is irreversible.

05:05 – Dr. Lowry recommends vitamin D supplements 5,000 units/day

05:50 – Another recommendation is routine.

06:00 – Crossword puzzle, word search, luminosity.

06:30 – Brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised.

06:50 – Have a good lunch and nap.

07:00 – Keep lights on during winter time.

07:30 – Practical tip: make it brighter in the house until it is time to go to bed.

08:00 – Keep Dementia patients in a routine.

08:30 – Hallucination and the alternate world are not unusual

09:05 – Don’t argue with patients when they have episodes of hallucination just redirect their attention.

09:40 – Time toileting is highly recommended. Don’t ask them to go instead tell them you are going to go.

10:30 – Self-help groups and resources like doctors and medicines are available. Home health, PT, nursing homes.

11:20 – Hospital is not their environment. Change in the environment gets them agitated and irritable.

11:50 – Keep on doing the same routine again and again in order for the brain the remember.

12:10 – Common question: When do you ask someone with Dementia to stop driving? Are there special tests and techniques or words and phrases to tell the patient?

12:30 – Limit driving.

12:45 – Watch income and beware of scammers.

14:00 – Things to watch out for before advising them to stop driving.

14:20 – Disable car, pull the trigger cap, hide the keys, take the car to the shop.

16:00 – When to get a POA and make bank arrangements on behalf of demented patients?

17:30 – Best medical insurance for patients with Dementia?

18:00 – Medicare Advantage vs. traditional Medicare.

19:40 – Make sure you call your local community, nursing home, hospital and local dementia units and figure out what they are accepting and the best type of insurance available for your loved ones.

22:30 – Parting advice from Dr. Mike Chua – FAST. Find, take Action, Shoot for the moon, Teach.

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Interview with Dr. Susan Lowry, MD, a Family Medicine Specialist in Martin Medical Center
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