Daily Dementia Dose: Reaching out for help

reach out for help

I just got home from exercising.

Over the weekend, I interviewed a lady, her name is Erica Graham.

Her mother used to be in assisted living, and now she’s taking care of her mom at home.

She’s really rocking it.

The reason she’s rocking it is not because her mother is good, but because she has a good support system.

In the interview, she told me that she had to learn how to ask for help from other people.

If you do not have a family member who can assist you, you can reach out to somebody else, like an Alzheimer’s Association.

Learn from them. They’re not going to give you everything, but you can get what you can from them, and apply it to your loved ones.

You cannot do everything on your own.

Even me as a therapist, I cannot do everything on my own.

If I try to do everything, I’m going to burn out.

Same thing with you, if you are taking care of your loved ones now, and you’re doing everything on your own, you are going to burn out.

Learn how to delegate, learn how to reach out to your family members, learn how to reach out for help, learn how to ask for help from different resources in your community.

In that way, you will not burn out and you can focus more on loving your loved ones.

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