How to be a Home Health Agency Administrator with Russel Porras

Russel Porras

How to be a Home Health Agency Administrator with Russell Porras 

You want to know how to start your own home health agency business? 

Russell talks about his humble beginning as a PT and later on found out that he wanted more than being on a 9-5 job. He and his wife ventured out and started building their first business – a home health agency. 

In this episode: 
03:40 – QOTD “The only way to do great work is to Love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, Keep looking. Don’t Settle.” – Steve Jobs 
06:05 – Introduction of Russell Porras (owner and president of Care First Rehab.) 
09:00 – Russell talks more about what he does and Care First Rehab. 
11:20 – Russell shares his PT journey. 
13:00 – What prompted Russell to start his own business? 
15:30 – What is the process to start your own health agency? 
20:40 – Is there any special skills to start your own home health agency business? 
22:25 – Russell talks about his own outpatient clinic. 
26:20 – How did he market his home health agency business? 
29:10 – The A.S.K. method. 
30:20 – Russell’s Home Health Caregivers. 
38:30 – What was his biggest challenge and failure and how did he turn this around? 
46:55 – Care First Rehab will be starting their own Podcast focusing on PT and OT. 
48:00 – Talk to other people, learn from them, seek for opportunities and take action. 
53:00 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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