Interview with Ryan Williams – Alzheimer’s Book Author

Ryan Williams

Interview with Ryan Williams - Alzheimer's Book Author

Ryan had one thing in mind when he wrote his book – how to help kids understand a family member with Alzheimer’s.

He also shares his remote work with StudyKIK.

In this episode:
03:35 – “If you get clarity on what you want your future to be, things just start moving in that direction. Doors start opening up.” – Dan Miller
04:20 – Alternative Career Alert: Be a Utilization Reviewer.
06:35 – Introduction of Ryan Williams.
09:00 – What inspired Ryan to write children’s books about Alzheimer’s?
13:25 – Ryan shares how he is doing his remote work with the lockdown.
16:55 – Ryan talks about StudyKIK.
19:05 – Ryan is the first employee of StudyKIK.
20:20 – Grow where you are planted. – Dr. Mike
28:35 – Your book can be an amazing marketing tool to reach more people.
31:45 – What was Ryan’s biggest challenge and how did he turn it around?
35:25 – Break things down, create goals.
37:50 – Always remember the word FAST.

You can find Ryan Williams on FB group Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support

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