Optonome Sale With Shainna Young

Shainna Young

Optonome Sale With Shainna Young

Do you want to know more about Optonome and leverage your entrepreneur dream?

Shainna talks about Optonome sales and answers questions specific to the kind of services that Optonome offers.

In this episode:
02:35 – “When the dream is big enough, we find the motivation to get through the tough times.”
04:55 – Have a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
10:55 – Introduction of Shainna Young and how she came about Optonome.
18:55 – With Optonome, agencies get to utilize and work with each other. There is no competition.
19:40 – Get rid of the scarcity mindset.
25:20 – One of Optonome’s requirements is you need to be a therapist to start your own practice.
26:20 – Question: What physical space do you have to set up and how do you fund that?
30:00 – Question: Is your staff comprised of clinicians or CAN staff?
31:15 – Question: Do you complete all the staff hiring or does Optonome do the hiring?
33:45 – Question: What are the qualification your staff needs to have? Any certifications?
36:55 – Question: How much time does a CEO spend training DSPs, or does Optonome provide the training?
43:05 – Optonome is integrated with billing and documentation.
45:30 – Does Optonome have GPS where the DSPs can time in and out?
47:25 – Question: Is Optonome able to set up agencies in all 50 states?
53:40 – Question: How many people work for your specific agency?
56:45 – It is a win-win situation with Optonome for the agency, DSPs and patients.
57:05 – Question: How’s the current COVID situation impacting the business model?
1:00:00 – Accept the challenge. The bigger the challenge the bigger the victory.
1:01:25 – Question: What is the startup out of pocket cost? How does Optonome make their money?
1:03:20 – Optonome is your complete back office – it markets for you and looks for referrals, an EMR, documentation, billing system and it is state regulated.
1:07:00 – Optonome can help you qualify for the medical 24-hour care.
1:07:35 – Question: For your new clients are you the one who goes in and does initial set up? Set up goals for them?
1:13:45 – Medicaid funding, waiver funding.
1:17:35 – Question: What ages are your clients? Are they always adults in a group home setting or are there younger clients as well?
1:19:00 – Question: Does the consumer need to show gains in order to stay on caseload? Do they ever max out goals?
1:21:45 – Optonome helps you manage your business as a CEO.
1:23:15 – Earning potential for non-medical agency versus medical services.
1:27:15 – Question: What if a client goes to dayhab or adult day care? Can these clients be serviced?
1:28:30 – Question: What kind of Liability insurance is needed to cover the agency?
1:29:25 – Question: Is reimbursement amount same for every state?
1:31:05 – Be comfortable and do your research.
1:37:00 – Always remember the word F.A.S.T.

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