Balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit with Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR

Shannon Babcock

Balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit with Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR

How important is it to have multiple streams of income?

Shannon Babcock shares her journey to her alternative career – how she started and what inspired her to choose her current alternative career.

In this episode:
03:15 – “People will give up on you. Don’t give up on you.”
05:45 – Introduction of Shannon Babcock.
08:55 – How did Shannon start her career?
09:50 – How did Shannon transition her career?
14:05 – Shannon came upon Lifewave.
14:25 – What is a Lifewave?
16:30 – Adapt and adjust to your current situation. – Dr. Mike
18:40 – How was Shannon’s business when the pandemic hit?
19:30 – Shannon emphasized on how important it is to have multiple revenue streams.
20:00 – Shannon on MLM – would you still recommend this product if you don’t make money out of it?
21:00 – Shannon talks about the nutritional aspect of what she does.
22:50 – Dr. Mike shares his multiple streams of income.
24:30 – What is Myofascial Release?
31:10 – Hellonote.
32:45 – New Gait.
41:05 – There is power in your business if you are doing it on your own. – Dr. Mike
43:35 – What was Shannon’s biggest failure and how did she turn it around?
48:00 – Ethics is so important with patient care.
51:05 – Sharon shares her alternative career (the Trifecta).
57:00 – The Trifecta – MFR, Nutrition and Pain Management.
1:00:50 – The best revenge is your own happiness and success. – Shannon
1:02:25 – Always remember the word F.A.S.T.

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