VIP Kids Winning Wednesday Webinar with Shelly Hildenbrand Daly

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We have a special guest today: Shelly Hildenbrand Daly, who used to be a public and private school teacher and is now a stay-at-home and a home-school mom who teaches VIP kids in China to learn English.

Learn more about the life of a stay-at-home mom like Shelly Hildenbrand Daly in this entire webinar:

01:35 – Where Shelly is from?

01:50 –¬†Reason/s for Shelly to do the stay-at-home thing

03:00 – How did Shelly end up with VIP Kids and details about her job?

04:55 – How does online teaching work?

05:45 – Subjects that she teaches with the VIP kids

09:00 – Is there another curriculum that the VIP teaches aside from English

10:45 – Where did Shelly get her certification?

11:15 – The application process for the certification

12:25 – TPR (Total Physical Response) or the use of gestures, actions, and facial expressions in teaching VIP kids

16:00 – Qualifications to apply as a VIP teacher

19:45 – Age range of VIP kids taught by Shelly

22:00 – Next step in teaching VIP kids

25:30 – Instructions for those who are interested to apply into teaching VIP kids while staying at home

27:20 – Is TESOL certification helpful in applying for teaching VIP kids?

28:05 – Rates for teaching VIP kids

30:00 – Teaching VIP kids as a part-time job

31:40 – Technological requirements (laptops, gadgets, etc.) for online teaching

32:55 – Speaking about the interview process and mock lessons

36:00 – Other tips regarding online teaching for VIP kids

38:30 – Invitation to see the 4-week Webinar before applying

39:00 – How to pass mock lessons

39:55 – Screen sharing and using Powerpoint presentation in teaching

42:05 – Last tips regarding online teaching for VIP kids

43:20 – Additional notes regarding the difference in China’s culture

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